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Baptism is the public demonstration of a personal transformation. It is an outward display of a person’s decision to follow Christ. Most questions about baptism at Epikos are answered in this Baptism FAQ.

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Summer baptisms occur in Lake Michigan.

If you are thinking baptism might be right for you, complete this interest form and someone will contact you regarding the next Baptism Class.


“How Can I Know If I’m Ready for Baptism?”

Aderson Gonzalez being baptized by Pastors Ryan Boyer (left) and Paul Stevens (right) at our summer outdoor baptisms, July 2016.

Since the earliest days of the church, baptism has been the designated way for Christians to publicly acknowledge their faith to others and demonstrate their desire to follow him; the New Testament provides several examples for us to read and learn from. Today, however, many believers hesitate and struggle to take this step for many reasons:

  • “Am I ready to make this kind of statement?”
  • “Is my testimony good enough to share with others?”
  • “Do I need to do this if I was baptized as a baby?”

These are three of most common questions and concerns we hear from those interested in baptism. This is why we started the Baptism Class. Our goals are to: (1) help you to know if the time is right to be baptized and (2) prepare you for baptism if you are ready. While baptism is not something to be afraid of, it is something that should be taken seriously. Aderson Gonzalez’s attitude reflects that earnestness and his desire to be prepared:

“I did not want to be baptized just to do it.  I wanted to have a purpose behind it — a reason — and I needed to be ready.  I finally decided I was ready this year, so I attended Baptism Class so that I could prepare. Baptism isn’t something you do just to do.  It is not an easy way out; it is a promise and a lifelong commitment to lead your life in a righteous way as a reborn Christian.”

Susan Craft also appreciated the way the class helped her prepare and overcome her nervousness about writing a testimony:

Susan Craft being baptized by Pastors Ryan Boyer (left) and Paul Stevens (right).
Susan Craft being baptized by Pastors Ryan Boyer (left) and Paul Stevens (right).

Being obedient to God’s will for my life is something I pray for daily and I knew baptism was part of that. Attending the baptism class at Epikos really helped me prepare for this day.

I had never written out my testimony in a formal way before and I was nervous about it. Taking the baptism class and learning about what was expected made it easier. It was an intimidating thought at first to put my testimony on paper for others to hear, but attending the class helped me quickly realize that there were other people who felt the same way I did.”

Emily Sonricker had been baptized as an infant, but knew she needed to be baptized as an adult to express her faith was her own, to be obedient to God’s call on her life: 

“I was baptized as an infant and accepted Christ into my life over 8 years ago, so I never felt an urgency to be baptized as an adult – that was until over the past year. I felt closer to God than ever before and he kept telling me baptism was another way to draw nearer to him. Through much prayer and reflection, I made the decision to make this outward expression of my faith in Jesus Christ.”

When she made that decision, she found she was a little nervous about the Baptism Class, but afterwards, she found she was glad it was part of the process:

“The class was very beneficial. Although I felt I had a biblical understanding of baptism, I really enjoyed hearing Pastor Ryan speak to the importance of it. I came to class with a draft of my testimony, which was helpful because I could reference it while Pastor Ryan was lending tips and advice. It was also comforting and encouraging to spend time sharing and editing parts of my testimony with others in the class.”

Finally, after her experience being baptized, Emily had these words of encouragement:

“I am overjoyed, to say the least, that I remained faithful to the call of baptism. I am excited to see what God will do with me and the others who shared in baptism with me that day. I encourage anyone who is walking in the Christian faith to take this next step. God wants you to.”

If you haven’t been baptized since placing your faith in Christ, then YES, God is desiring you to take that next step by being baptized!  If you still have any questions about baptism, please download and read the Baptism FAQ, or email baptism@epikos.org