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Staff & Leaders (Page 2)

Kirsta Dispennette

Fun Fact: My family just moved to Wisconsin from New Mexico this summer. I am not a big fan of super cold weather so you can imagine that I am stoked about winters here! Favorite Food: I love grilled broccoli! Favorite Beverage: My guilty daytime work drink is any Monster Ultra. After driving cross country […]

Terry Eckdahl

Fun Facts: I have jumped out of a plane three times, once while pregnant. Favorite Movie: What About Bob? and Pride and Prejudice Favorite Foods: Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels (yum!). Really, I’m open to any flavor of chocolate! Family: Husband Cory, definitely my better half or should I say three-quarters! My awesome kids: April, […]

Abby Easter

Fun Facts: Since 3rd grade, I’ve probably died my hair at least 30 times, featuring almost every color on the spectrum Favorite Food: Anything that resembles stir-fry; pad thai, curry beef and veggies, kung pao chicken. Oh, and salt and vinegar chips Favorite Beverage: Almond Milk Matcha, a fruity kombucha or a good ol’ juice […]

Sheri Bolt

Fun Facts: I’ve moved 14 times in the 32 years I’ve been married. We used to raise birds and hand-feed the babies. Favorite Movie: I have to watch “A Christmas Story” every December Favorite Foods: Sushi and anything too complicated for me to make myself. Family: Married to Gregg. Son, Mike, and daughter, Emily and […]

Sami Stelpflug

My Role: I work with children, parents, and volunteers to help them get to know and have a relationship with the greatest hero: Jesus! Fun fact: I swam 4 years at UWM Food: Grilled cheese sandwiches! Beverage: Stone Creek’s hot white chocolate mocha Movie: We Bought a Zoo, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy Authors/Artists: […]

Amanda Schmidt

My Role: I connect with and schedule our volunteers and edit Children’s Ministry curriculum! Fun Facts: I worked at Disney World for four months and auditioned to be a Disney Princess while I was there. Favorite Food: Sushi and over-easy eggs — not necessarily together! Favorite Beverage: Iced mint mocha  Favorite Movie: Jurassic Park Favorite Author/Artists: Tim Burton, Ed Sheeran, Tyler […]


Overseers (often translated as Elders in the Bible) are the group of people who shepherd and protect God’s flock. They maintain the spiritual oversight and direction of the church. Overseers are guardians of the truth among the flock—protecting against false teaching and doctrine (Titus 1:9). The Overseers are made up of six lay members of […]