EAST SIDE | Sundays at 9:00am, 10:30am, & 5:30pm
WEST ALLIS | Sundays at 9:00am & 11:00am
NORTH SIDE | Sundays at 10am

Staff & Leaders

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Caleb Smith

Role: Serves and equips the epikos staff to pursue the mission of the church throughout all the ministries.
Fun Facts: Was a radio DJ in college; once fell 18 feet backwards while spelunking; was first-chair cello in my high school orchestra.
Education: B.A. from Cedarville University
Favorite Foods: My daily cup of coffee. Sushi.
Favorite Authors/Artists: Kenneth Bailey, Tim Keller, Tony Morgan, Rend Collective, TobyMac, Skillet, Jars of Clay, and Reach Records
Family: Married to Tisha since 2001. Two sons, Jackson and Tucker.

Paul Stevens

Role: Serves as Pastor of the West Allis campus, shepherding and empowering the people of the community. Serves on Preaching Team.
Fun Facts: I’m a huge mixed martial arts fan and my secret ambition is to become an MMA fighter under the name Paul “The Master Pastor” Stevens.
School: B.A Education-Jamestown College, in M.A. Transformational Leadership- Bethel Seminary
Favorite Foods: Buffalo wings, bone in, traditional sauce, medium heat
Favorite Beverage: Freshly filtered water, from a high mountain stream, that is so cold it hurts your head when you drink it.
Pet Peeves: When I’m in a hurry and the world around me intentionally slows down to teach me patience.
Family: I’ve been married to Becky for 15 years and we have three children—Abigail, Elijah and Alexandrea (and our yellow lab Abe, and Pomeranian Lincoln).

Kurt Owens

Role: Serves as Pastor of the North Side campus, shepherding and empowering the people of the community. Serves on Preaching Team
Education: B.A. Business Management Concordia University, M.A. Christian Ministry from Liberty University, Doctoral in Organizational Leadership & Christian Ministry (In Progress)
Fun Facts: Die Hard Packers Fan,love playing basketball, riding horses, enjoy writing and playing music.
Favorite Food: Wings
Favorite Movie: John Q
Favorite Author/Artists: Toni Morrison/ Brian McKnight
Pet Peeves: People showing disrespect to their mother
Family: I’m married to my love and partner in ministry Dee-Dee Owens. Together we share five children: Dione, Kertis, Deondre, Kenya, and Ker “Deidra.”

Dave Tilma

Role: East Side Campus Pastor
Briefly describe your role: Serves as Pastor of the East campus, shepherding and empowering the people of the community.
Education: B.A. Ministry & Bible, Master of Arts Theological Studies.-University of Northwestern St. Paul
Favorite Food: Sushi and Texas Pit BBQ (but not together!) Oh, and bacon. . . bacon goes with everything.
Favorite Beverage: A french press Ethiopian Yirgacheffe (black coffee)
Favorite Movie: Elf (while decorating the Christmas tree as a family)
Family: I married my high school sweetheart, Rebecca, and we have four amazing children: Hudson (10), Sophie (8), JD (6) and Ike (4)

Ryan Boyer

Role: Equips the people of epikos to engage in small groups. Serves as a shepherd into next steps of discipleship.
Fun Facts: I’ve been to 42 states and seven countries. I attended the final Grateful Dead concert.
Education: B.A. Western Kentucky University; M.Div, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
Favorite Foods: Pizza, turkey burgers, and coffee.
Favorite Authors: Tim Keller, G.K. Beale, Mark Dever, D.A. Carson, Jared C. Wilson
Family: I’m married to my best friend, Gina. We have a son (Titus) and two daughters (Riley and Baechle).

Michael Morgan

Fun Facts: Loves music, dislikes the radio. Discovering new computer shortcuts excites me. Fascinated with synthesizers.
Education: B.S. Music (emphasis Recording Technology), University of Wisconsin–Oshkosh
Favorite Foods: Lasagna, Pizza, Sushi…I just love food
Favorite Authors/Artists: Andrew Murray, Thomas à Kempis, Leagues, Citizens, Mat Kearney, The Royal Royal, Alexander Fairchild
Family: Married to the lovely Maggie Sue since ’12
Favorite Coffees/Beverages: Colectivo
Pet Peeves: Slow drivers that sit in the left lane.

Frank Gil

Role: I work with middle and high school students to point them closer to Jesus and equip them to reach their friends for Jesus too.
Education: B.A. at Trinity College of Florida
Fun Facts: I went to the same college Billy Graham graduated from. I was pulled on stage by Lecrae at a concert that had over 6,000 fans.
Favorite Food: Chicken Wings!
Favorite Beverage: Mountain Dew
Favorite Movie: 300
Favorite Author/Artists: Charles Spurgeon, Tim Keller, Matt Chandler, Citizen & Saints, Shai Linne, & all of Reach Records.
Pet Peeves: When I have food in my beard and no one tells me.
Family: I married my wife Corinne in December 2008. We have 0 kids and have a dog named Grace.

Becky Stevens

Fun Facts: I once was able to high jump to a height over my head.
Education: B.A. in Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education, Jamestown College
Favorite Movie: Sweet Home Alabama
Favorite Foods: Mexican food
Favorite Beverage: Raspberry Iced Tea
Pet Peeves: When I can only find one shoe and I’m in a hurry.
Family: I grew up as the third of four girls west of Milwaukee (Dousman). I’ve been married to Paul for 15 years and we have three children—Abigail, Elijah and Alexandrea (and our dog Abe).

Tim Evans

Role: I make sure that all epikos communication – from the website to social media to videos to signage to the bulletin – gets done right and on time to fulfill our mission of making more and better disciples.
Education: Formal: Bachelor of Fine Arts – Photography from UWM. Real World: twenty years as a professional photographer/videographer/small business owner
Fun Facts: I have a collection of over 60 antique cameras. While an art major in college, I spent a week in Paris while in college — and never set foot in the Louvre!
Favorite Food: Ribs, slow cooked, falling off the bone, lots of sauce. Extra napkins.
Pet Peeves: Not putting things away, interrupting, not enough of the special flavor stuff mixed in when I order frozen custard, empty ice cube trays left in the freezer, a poorly loaded dishwasher, etc., etc., not that I have many…..
Family: Wife Sarah. Kids: Wes (13) and Libby (11). Fun Fact about them: All three share a New Year’s Eve birthday!

Rebecca Gehle

Role: Next Steps Director
Briefly describe your role: Serves as the Next Steps Director for all epikos campuses, passionately helping people take discipleship steps, serve on teams, and engage in small groups
Education: BA in Journalism from UW-Madison
Fun Facts: I love running, and my biggest accomplishment has been the 2016 Dopey Challenge in Disney World, where my husband and I ran a 5K, 10K, 1/2 marathon and full marathon in four days.
Favorite Foods: Sushi & Fudge
Favorite Beverage: Chai Tea Latte
Favorite Movies: Singin’ in the Rain, Pride and Prejudice
Pet Peeves: Littering
Family: I’m married to Collin, a commercial pilot; he’s also the most adventurous, athletically competitive, dancing fool you’ve ever known….hands off, ladies!

Lisa Lusiak

Fun Facts: I love knitting and I’ve hand knit over 30 pairs of socks for myself, family and friends!
Favorite Food: Donuts, pizza and tacos!!
Favorite Beverage: Cream soda and a strong pot of English tea with sugar and cream.
Favorite Author/Artists: Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, Nancy Leigh DeMoss, Christy Nockels and Sandra McCracken.
Family: My husband Jamie and I have been married for 21 years and we have 3 teenage daughters: Mary, Emily and Anna.

Anthony Caples

Role: Pastoral support and congregational care, Prayer team and Mercy ministry.
Education: B.A. Religion, Grace Christian College; M.Div, Grace Theological Seminary.
Fun Facts: I interned at a radio station and had goals to work in broadcasting before receiving my call to the ministry.
Favorite Food: A perfectly cooked rib eye steak, medium of course.
Favorite Beverage: Sun brewed ice tea, 3 cubes of ice, served in a mason jar!
Favorite Author/Artist:Authors: Howard Thurman, C.S.Lewis, Artist – Joao Gilberto, Most music from the 60’s through the present.
Family: Married to Linda since 2000, daughter Layla.

Jill Wessel

Role: I facilitate Sunday mornings Children’s Ministry (called Hero Central, for birth-5th grade) by preparing curriculum, coordinating and preparing all volunteers, and teaching kids about Jesus!
Education: Elementary Education Degree
Fun Facts: We came to epikos|West on it’s opening day because my father-in-law had seen movies here as a kid, and we’ve never left!
Favorite Food: I love gelato — it makes being gluten-free bearable!
Favorite Beverage: LOVE Water Joe (caffeinated water)
Favorite Movie: Grease and National Treasure (one and two)
Pet Peeves: Nails on a chalkboard and when people do not move over for emergency vehicles
Family: My husband, Andy (married since 2001!), and my two boys, Milo and Max.
Community: We’ve lived in West Allis since 2001. I love being active in the PTA and the boys schools!

Adam Mollica

Briefly describe your role: My role is to oversee the elementary side (4K-5th Grade) of HERO Central.
Education: BA in Spanish (Cultural Studies) and International Studies
Fun Facts: I touched the ocean in three foreign countries before touching it in the United States. My heritage is Italian and I was able to trace my family back to a tiny island north of Sicily called Lipari;
Favorite Food: Eggs and Ice Cream
Favorite Beverage: Coffee and LaCroix
Favorite Author/Artists: Authors: Dallas Willard and John Mark Comer / Artist: Andy Mineo
Pet Peeves: Having to get gas when you’re in a hurry. Laundry.

Sophia Hogan

Briefly describe your role: I have the privilege of preparing curriculum for HERO Central across all 3 campuses, and caring for each of my HERO Central volunteers on the East Side.
Education: Associates Degree in Biblical Studies at New Tribes Bible Institute
Fun Facts: I interned in Singapore for 2 months when I was 17.
Favorite Food: Mexican
Favorite Beverage: Coconut water straight from the coconut
Favorite Movie: Big Hero 6
Family: God has blessed me with an amazing Family! My dad is one of my best friends! I have 2 brothers and 8 sisters!

Brittany Braatz

Education: UW-Milwaukee in Business Administration
Fun Facts: I have bungie jumped and played soccer in Europe.
Favorite Food: Candy, sour or sweet! I have a whole drawer dedicated to candy in my kitchen.
Favorite Beverage: Chai Tea Latte and Diet Dr. Pepper
Favorite Movie: I watch Elf at least two times year.
Favorite Author/Artists: Elisabeth Elliot, Hillsong United, and Rend Collective
Pet Peeves: Stepping in gum, its the worst!
Family: Married to my handsome husband Tim since 2012

Adam Beranek

Role: Lead worship and ensure the technical aspects of worship are running smoothly.
Education: Associates Degree in Recording Technology at Madison Media Institute in Madison, WI
Fun Facts: I played charades with a werewolf (Twilight werewolf – not real werewolf). I have a fake tooth.
Favorite Food: Italian / Chicken / Ice Cream
Favorite Beverage: Root Beer
Favorite Movie: Great Gatsby (v.2)
Pet Peeves: When someone asks me to do something I’m about to do or in the middle of doing.
Family: Married to my best friend and high school sweetheart Alex. We have a cat (Luna) and a beta fish (Franklin – Frankie for short)

Terry Eckdahl

Fun Facts: I have jumped out of a plane 3 times, once while pregnant.
Favorite Movie: What About Bob? and Pride and Prejudice
Favorite Foods: Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels (yum!). Really, I’m open to any flavor of chocolate!
Family: Husband Cory, definitely my better half or should I say three-quarters! My awesome kids: April, Tani, and Zach.

Sheri Bolt

Fun Facts: I’ve moved 14 times in the 32 years I’ve been married. We used to raise birds and hand-feed the babies.
Education: B.S. Business and Accounting, Aquinas College
Favorite Movie: I have to watch A Christmas Story every December
Favorite Foods: Sushi and anything too complicated for me to make myself.
Family: Married to Gregg, daughter, Emily (baby due July 15) and her husband, Evan, and son, Mike (who attends epikos)

Katie Lemmenes

Briefly describe your role: I serve the Small Groups and Discipleship team as well as the East Side Campus Pastor. I work closely with small groups, baptism, covenant membership, and weddings.
Education: UW–Milwaukee, B.S. in American Sign Language Studies, minor in Psychology
Fun Facts: My horse is older than I am, I’ve broken both of my wrists at the same time, my favorite flower is a Venus Fly Trap, and I’ve flown a plane (yes, an actual single engine plane, not a simulator).
Favorite Food: Mashed potatoes
Favorite Beverage: It’s a toss up between coffee and mint hot chocolate
Favorite Movie: Inception
Favorite Author/Artists: Michael Hidalgo, Kathryn Stockett (authors); The Oh Hellos, Urban Rescue, Lorde (artists)
Pet Peeves: Fruit and chocolate mixed together, “First Annual” — an event can’t be annual if it’s only happened once; what if it’s a complete flop and is never held again?
Family: My parents. I’m an only child, but thank goodness for siblings in Christ!