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Tim Evans

My Role: I make sure that all epikos communication – from the website to social media to videos to signage to the bulletin – gets done right and on time to fulfill our mission of making more and better disciples.
Fun Facts: I have a collection of over 60 antique cameras. While an art major in college, I spent a week in Paris while in college — and never set foot in the Louvre!
Favorite Food: Ribs, slow cooked, falling off the bone, lots of sauce. Extra napkins.
Pet Peeves: Not putting things away, interrupting, not enough of the special flavor stuff mixed in when I order frozen custard, empty ice cube trays left in the freezer, a poorly loaded dishwasher, etc., etc., not that I have many…..
Family: Wife Sarah. Kids: Wes (16) and Libby (14). Fun Fact about them: All three share a New Year’s Eve birthday!