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NORTH SIDE | Sundays at 10am

Resl Okruhlica

Describe your role: I work with our centralized ministry teams to ensure their creative needs are met.
Fun Facts: I’ve been attending epikos since May 15th 2011 (back when the church was only the East Side location). Ask me why I know the exact date…it’s a good story.
Favorite Food: Hit me with a vegan chocolate chip cookie from C. Adam’s Bakery.
Favorite TV Show: I am 100% confident I can beat anyone in Arrested Development trivia.
Favorite Beverage: Grace abounds if you bring me a Dr. Pepper.
Favorite Author: I read WIRED magazine cover-to-cover every month…that counts I think.
Pet Peeves: Can we all just get on the same page and use the Oxford comma?
Family: I married my BFF John in 2017. Before we became friends, I heard he kicked a raccoon in the face (while wearing only flip flops). That’s when I knew I needed him in my life–if only for the street cred.