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WEST ALLIS | Sundays at 9:00am & 11:00am
NORTH SIDE | Sundays at 10am

Lauren Anderson

My role: Everything worship! Leading worship, developing worship leaders and singers, writing songs for the Church, constantly evaluating how we create an environment for people to engage with God.
Fun Facts: I am severely allergic to dogs, but still pet them if they are cute enough. (Can you blame me?) All my siblings names start with the letter “L”. I lived in Dallas,Texas for 4 years, but still hate the Cowboys. (Duh.)
Favorite Food: Dill pickles.
Favorite Beverage: LaCroix
Favorite Movie: Any Wes Anderson film!
Favorite Author/Artists: Mark Batterson, Timothy Keller, Priscilla Shirer // John Mark McMillan, Leon Bridges, Julien Baker, The 1975, The Japanese House
Pet Peeves: Being late, other people being late, anything to do with not being punctual. Haha.
Family: Married to Brad – best human on this planet.