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Kirsta Dispennette

Fun Fact: My family just moved to Wisconsin from New Mexico this summer. I am not a big fan of super cold weather so you can imagine that I am stoked about winters here!
Favorite Food: I love grilled broccoli!
Favorite Beverage: My guilty daytime work drink is any Monster Ultra. After driving cross country to get here, I have become some what addicted.
Favorite Movie: Difficult to narrow done to just one: I love the the Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter for epic adventure movies. But my favorite rom-com of all times is While You Were Sleeping!
Favorite Author(s)/ Artist(s): I love JK Rowlings and Suzanne Collins fiction stories along with Randy Alcorn. Music: New to me: Twenty One Pilots and Paramore. Old-school go-to tunes: Switchfoot and Relient K!
Pet Peeves: I have three kiddos so I can’t afford to really have pet peeves 🙂
Family: I am married and have three kids, 9th grade, 7th grade and 5th.