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Katie Lemmenes

  • Fun Facts: My horse is older than I am, I’ve broken both of my wrists at the same time, my favorite flower is a Venus Fly Trap, and I’ve flown a plane (yes, an actual single engine plane, not a simulator).
  • Favorite Food: Mashed potatoes
  • Favorite Beverage: It’s a toss up between coffee and mint hot chocolate
  • Favorite Movie: Inception
  • Favorite Author/Artists: Michael Hidalgo, Kathryn Stockett (authors); The Oh Hellos, Urban Rescue, Lorde (artists)
  • Pet Peeves: Fruit and chocolate mixed together, “First Annual” — an event can’t be annual if it’s only happened once; what if it’s a complete flop and is never held again?
  • Family: My parents. I’m an only child, but thank goodness for siblings in Christ!