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WEST ALLIS | Sundays at 9:00am & 11:00am
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Support Staff

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Lisa Lusiak

Fun Facts: I love knitting and I’ve hand knit over 30 pairs of socks for myself, family and friends!
Favorite Food: Donuts, pizza and tacos!!
Favorite Beverage: Cream soda and a strong pot of English tea with sugar and cream.
Favorite Author/Artists: Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, Nancy Leigh DeMoss, Christy Nockels and Sandra McCracken.
Family: My husband Jamie and I have been married for 21 years and we have 3 teenage daughters: Mary, Emily and Anna.

Anthony Caples

Role: Pastoral support and congregational care, Prayer team and Mercy ministry.
Fun Facts: I interned at a radio station and had goals to work in broadcasting before receiving my call to the ministry.
Favorite Food: A perfectly cooked rib eye steak, medium of course.
Favorite Beverage: Sun brewed ice tea, 3 cubes of ice, served in a mason jar!
Favorite Author/Artist:Authors: Howard Thurman, C.S.Lewis, Artist – Joao Gilberto, Most music from the 60’s through the present.
Family: Married to Linda since 2000, daughter Layla.

Jill Wessel

Role: I facilitate Sunday mornings Children’s Ministry (called Hero Central, for birth-5th grade) by preparing curriculum, coordinating and preparing all volunteers, and teaching kids about Jesus!
Fun Facts: We came to epikos|West on it’s opening day because my father-in-law had seen movies here as a kid, and we’ve never left!
Favorite Food: I love gelato — it makes being gluten-free bearable!
Favorite Beverage: LOVE Water Joe (caffeinated water)
Favorite Movie: Grease and National Treasure (one and two)
Pet Peeves: Nails on a chalkboard and when people do not move over for emergency vehicles
Family: My husband, Andy (married since 2001!), and my two boys, Milo and Max.
Community: We’ve lived in West Allis since 2001. I love being active in the PTA and the boys schools!

Sophia Hogan

Briefly describe your role: I have the privilege of preparing curriculum for HERO Central across all 3 campuses, and caring for each of my HERO Central volunteers on the East Side.
Fun Facts: I interned in Singapore for 2 months when I was 17.
Favorite Food: Mexican
Favorite Beverage: Coconut water straight from the coconut
Favorite Movie: Big Hero 6
Family: God has blessed me with an amazing Family! My dad is one of my best friends! I have 2 brothers and 8 sisters!

Brittany Braatz

Fun Facts: I have bungie jumped and played soccer in Europe.
Favorite Food: Candy, sour or sweet! I have a whole drawer dedicated to candy in my kitchen.
Favorite Beverage: Chai Tea Latte and Diet Dr. Pepper
Favorite Movie: I watch Elf at least two times year.
Favorite Author/Artists: Elisabeth Elliot, Hillsong United, and Rend Collective
Pet Peeves: Stepping in gum, its the worst!
Family: Married to my handsome husband Tim since 2012

Terry Eckdahl

Fun Facts: I have jumped out of a plane 3 times, once while pregnant.
Favorite Movie: What About Bob? and Pride and Prejudice
Favorite Foods: Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels (yum!). Really, I’m open to any flavor of chocolate!
Family: Husband Cory, definitely my better half or should I say three-quarters! My awesome kids: April, Tani, and Zach.

Sheri Bolt

Fun Facts: I’ve moved 14 times in the 32 years I’ve been married. We used to raise birds and hand-feed the babies. Favorite Movie: I have to watch “A Christmas Story” every December Favorite Foods: Sushi and anything too complicated for me to make myself. Family: Married to Gregg. Son, Mike, and daughter, Emily and […]