EAST SIDE | Sundays at 9:00am, 10:30am, & 5:30pm
WEST ALLIS | Sundays at 9:00am & 11:00am
NORTH SIDE | Sundays at 10am

Support Staff

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Katie Lemmenes

Fun Facts: My horse is older than I am, I’ve broken both of my wrists at the same time, my favorite flower is a Venus Fly Trap, and I’ve flown a plane (yes, an actual single engine plane, not a simulator). Favorite Food: Mashed potatoes Favorite Beverage: It’s a toss up between coffee and mint […]

Anthony Caples

My Role: Pastoral support and congregational care, Prayer team, and Mercy ministry. Fun Facts: I interned at a radio station and had goals to work in broadcasting before receiving my call to the ministry. Favorite Food: A perfectly cooked rib eye steak, medium of course. Favorite Beverage: Sun brewed ice tea, 3 cubes of ice, […]

Kimberly Sherwood

Fun Facts: I gave birth to my 3rd child in front of the Milwaukee Art Museum Favorite Food: Risotto Favorite Beverage: Hazelnut Coffee from Panera Favorite Movie: First Knight  Favorite Author/Artists: Amanda Jenkins. Her book, Confessions of a Raging Perfectionist is fantastic! Pet Peeves: When people say “irregardless” Family: My husband, Ben, and I have been married since 1999. […]

Jill Wessel

My role: I facilitate Sunday mornings Children’s Ministry (called Hero Central, for birth-5th grade) by preparing curriculum, coordinating and preparing all volunteers, and teaching kids about Jesus! Fun Facts: We came to epikos|West on it’s opening day because my father-in-law had seen movies here as a kid, and we’ve never left! Favorite Food: I love […]

Aaron Hopefl

My Role: I oversee all Facilities-related serving teams and coordinate maintenance and cleaning projects for the East Side and West Allis campuses. Fun Facts: I am a triplet! I have one brother and one sister, as well as two older sisters. I’m a huge baseball fan and am working on attending a game at every […]

Adam Mollica

My role: My role is to oversee the elementary side (4K-5th Grade) of HERO Central at our West Allis location. Fun Facts: I touched the ocean in three foreign countries before touching it in the United States. My heritage is Italian and I was able to trace my family back to a tiny island north […]

Ben Pepin

My role: Leading Worship and ensuring the technical aspects of worship are running smoothly Favorite Food: Pizza, Tacos and Chick-fil-a Favorite Beverage: Arizona Green Tea Favorite Movie: Anything from Christopher Nolan Favorite Author/Artists: Timothy Keller, C.S. Lewis/ Colony House, Bad Suns, Hammock Pet Peeves: Having to dig through a basket for clean clothes! Family: Happily […]

Alyssa Adams

Briefly describe your role: I work closely with small groups, membership, baptism, and weddings, as well as support for the Small Groups and Discipleship Pastor and Team. Fun Facts: I played violin and piano throughout my school career and also taught myself guitar a few years ago. Favorite Food: Sushi. Pie. Beef Jerky. Favorite Beverage: Hot […]

Resl Okruhlica

Describe your role: I work with our centralized ministry teams to ensure their creative needs are met. Fun Facts: I’ve been attending epikos since May 15th 2011 (back when the church was only the East Side location). Ask me why I know the exact date…it’s a good story. Favorite Food: Hit me with a vegan chocolate […]

Kirsta Dispennette

Fun Fact: My family just moved to Wisconsin from New Mexico this summer. I am not a big fan of super cold weather so you can imagine that I am stoked about winters here! Favorite Food: I love grilled broccoli! Favorite Beverage: My guilty daytime work drink is any Monster Ultra. After driving cross country […]

Terry Eckdahl

Fun Facts: I have jumped out of a plane three times, once while pregnant. Favorite Movie: What About Bob? and Pride and Prejudice Favorite Foods: Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels (yum!). Really, I’m open to any flavor of chocolate! Family: Husband Cory, definitely my better half or should I say three-quarters! My awesome kids: April, […]

Abby Easter

Fun Facts: Since 3rd grade, I’ve probably died my hair at least 30 times, featuring almost every color on the spectrum Favorite Food: Anything that resembles stir-fry; pad thai, curry beef and veggies, kung pao chicken. Oh, and salt and vinegar chips Favorite Beverage: Almond Milk Matcha, a fruity kombucha or a good ol’ juice […]

Sheri Bolt

Fun Facts: I’ve moved 14 times in the 32 years I’ve been married. We used to raise birds and hand-feed the babies. Favorite Movie: I have to watch “A Christmas Story” every December Favorite Foods: Sushi and anything too complicated for me to make myself. Family: Married to Gregg. Son, Mike, and daughter, Emily and […]

Sami Stelpflug

My Role: I work with children, parents, and volunteers to help them get to know and have a relationship with the greatest hero: Jesus! Fun fact: I swam 4 years at UWM Food: Grilled cheese sandwiches! Beverage: Stone Creek’s hot white chocolate mocha Movie: We Bought a Zoo, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy Authors/Artists: […]

Amanda Schmidt

My Role: I connect with and schedule our volunteers and edit Children’s Ministry curriculum! Fun Facts: I worked at Disney World for four months and auditioned to be a Disney Princess while I was there. Favorite Food: Sushi and over-easy eggs — not necessarily together! Favorite Beverage: Iced mint mocha  Favorite Movie: Jurassic Park Favorite Author/Artists: Tim Burton, Ed Sheeran, Tyler […]