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“Epikos Missions exists to make more and better disciples by partnering with local churches worldwide.”

A Heart of GO

Global Missions is people–people who are willing to make themselves available to “Go” where God may lead them to make a difference in their world. Epikos believes that God loves the world, and that we should show that love. Epikos global missions is not a program, it is a movement. Global missions at Epikos is you, and it is an opportunity to embrace the adventure.

How to Get involved

We’re all called to play a part in missions. Here are some ways to get involved. If you have any questions about missions, email missions@epikos.org

Go on a short-term mission trip.

The Valentine family moved to Poznan, Poland as full time missionaries in 2015, and they are passionate about connecting people to Christ. They have partnered with local church plants and homeless ministries in the city and are now looking to expand cross-culturally to enhance these ministries. We are so excited to have two opportunities to help with their ministry!

VISION TRIP – June 8–15: Learn more about organizations in Poland with whom the Valentines hope to partner. APPLY HERE.

CHILDREN’S SPORTS CAMP – July 27–August 3: Help run a children’s sports camp through a partner organization, Bread of Life. APPLY HERE.

Since 2013, Tom and Tanya Clyde (see below) have been working alongside churches to develop leaders and multiply churches across the city, building relationships and seeking to share the gospel. We have an opportunity to be a part of that!

ENGLISH CAMP – July 7–23: Partnering with Josiah Venture, an organization whose mission and calling is to equip young leaders to fulfill Christ’s commission of reaching and making disciples, we will be helping lead an English Camp. APPLY HERE.


CHILDREN’S CAMP – November 3–10: Through our partnership with Dan and MeLinda Nelson, we have another opportunity to help minister in Central America! We will take part in their annual Missionary’s Retreat, creating and running a program for the children of missionaries. APPLY HERE.

  • Serve on one of the Missions teams:

    • Missions Committee: Meets monthly to establish missions priorities, organize trips, support mission trip teams, and promote awareness of missions among the congregation. Click here to join.
    • Missions Prayer Team: Gathers to pray for mission partners (see below) and short-term teams, seeking their blessing, support, spiritual health, and effective, Spirit-led ministry. Click here to join.
    • Missionary Care Team: This team provides care and support in practical ways: through email interaction and sending care packages! Click here to join.

Global Missions Partners

We joyfully partner with these families who once worshipped at Epikos as they reach the nations with the gospel:

Tom & Tany Clyde
Prague, Czech Republic
Since 2013, the Clydes have been working alongside churches to develop leaders and multiply churches across the city, while building relationships and seeking to share the gospel.



Luke & Ellenie Hodgdon
Papua New Guinea

The Hodgdons desire to bring the gospel to an unreached people group—a group of people in an area of the world where Christianity has yet to be presented. They are learning the language and culture of a specific group in order to tell them about Jesus and plant a church.



Zach & Misa Harrod
Prague, Czech Republic
The Harrods serve in a young church that is seeking to develop more disciples. Zach also serves as a “missional insider” by coaching an American-style football team, and Misa serves with a ministry that helps women caught up in human trafficking.



The V Family*
Southeast Asia

The Vs are learning the local language and building a business so that they can bring the gospel to an unreached people group. Their goal is to grow relationships, share the Good News, establish a church, and disciple believers to maturity.
*Due to restrictions on evangelism in their area, this family prefers to remain anonymous.


If you’re a missionary seeking support…

If you’re a missionary seeking support through Epikos church, please fill out the appropriate form below. It’s the best way for you to give us a complete understanding of your call to missions and for us to evaluate the possibility of financial partnership. Thank you!

Long-term (One year or more in the mission field.)

Short-term (Less than a year in the mission field.)