EAST SIDE | Sundays at 9:00am, 10:30am, & 5:30pm
WEST ALLIS | Sundays at 9:00am & 11:00am
NORTH SIDE | Sundays at 10am

The Parent’s Summit

We know parenting is hard work. So we’re providing a day of equipping and encouraging! Get wisdom and practical ideas that apply to parenting kids of all ages. We’ll equip your hearts for the rigors of parenting and offer “rubber meets the road” tips for real-life situations. You’ll hear from several speakers and have breakout sessions where you can interact with other parents.

  • Cost (lunch is included):
    • Individual    $20
    • Couple         $35

*Childcare not provided.


The Parent’s Summit exists to equip and encourage parents. These values guide the event:

  • Christ-Centered: The world has no shortage of excellent parenting tips, tricks, ideas and theories. We will cover many of them. But there is no substitute for a heart fully focused on Christ – no greater blessing than the freedom found in Jesus’ gospel. Among all the resources, advice and challenges will be Christ – our hope, sanity and salvation.
  • Excellence: This event and the materials provided are done with excellence. We value your time and you deserve a high quality event.
  • Authentic: We will not hide behind Instagram filters. As parents, our frustration, exhaustion, and confusion are not excuses, but reality. We will honestly and authentically address and acknowledge them.
  • Challenging: We want to challenge ourselves to grow. Not because the bar is set too low, but because the importance of our parenting is so high. In a world which has become full of permissive grace: “It’s hard so you don’t need to try”, we want to loudly proclaim, “It is hard, so let’s try harder together!”
  • Practical: There will be truths that engage the heart, stir the imagination and awaken the soul, but this event will not end solely with an emotional experience. The Parent’s Summit will provide practical take-aways that leave a parent saying, “I can do this!”  It is not just about how we feel, it is about what we do.
  • Energizing and Hopeful: When you leave the Summit, you should not be dreading the re-entry into parenting life. Instead, our desire is to leave you looking towards the future interactions with your kids with joy, excitement, and passion. The Summit seeks to equip not only in theory, but with energizing hope.
  • Connecting: At the end of it all, the Summit is about connecting – parents to parents, parents to the church, and parents to resources. If every value is met and yet parents walk alone, we will have accomplished little for the long term. We are better together.