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Equip U

Tuesday Nights This Summer!

Equip U is a variety of quick (4-weeks!) classes that will help equip you to live out your faith. Topics include parenting, evangelism, spiritual disciplines, and more! There’s even a recreational option!

  • 6:30pm–7pm: Social Time / 7pm–8:30pm: Class Time
  • East Side and West Allis! Check class description for specific dates and location.
  • Child care provided for ages 0 yrs–5th grade

Class Details

Can’t We All Just Get Along?
Led by Anthony Caples
Offered twice: Tuesdays in June at East Side | Tuesdays in July at West Allis
The topic of “race” and how we interact as a society is a source of tension and sometimes contention. These tensions exist in our everyday world, even within the confines of the church. It is the goal of this class to explore God’s relationship with His creation, and our relationship with one another tackling the questions of what exactly is race? Is there a difference between race and culture? And what does the Bible have to say about race?

Earn the Right To Be Heard: Sharing Christ Through Friendship
Led by Paul Stevens
Offered twice:  Tuesdays in June at West Allis | Tuesdays in August at East Side
For many Christians, the idea of sharing their faith with someone else elicits anxiety and fear.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  Learn ways to come alongside of people, to genuinely love them and through the context of authentic relationship, share the hope of Christ.

Expressing the Gospel Through Marriage
Led by Caleb & Tisha Smith
Offered twice:  Tuesdays in July at East Side | Tuesdays in August at West Allis
Husbands and wives have clearly stated instructions in Scripture. However, when life happens, it can be really difficult to live these out. How does the gospel speak into this? Learn how God’s design for marriage equips us as husbands and wives to demonstrate God’s restorative love to one another and the world.

Loving Your Neighbor As Yourself
Led by Andrew Buck
Offered once:  Tuesdays in July at East Side
What does the Bible say regarding our responsibility to serve others— especially those who are poor and in need? What impact does that have on how we approach living out the Christian life? Beginning with Scripture, this class will tackle these questions and more, including a framework for doing such ministry well and how we can engage in this through epikos.

Parenting: 0-5 years
Led by Becky Stevens
Offered twice:  Tuesdays in June at East Side | Tuesdays in August at West Allis
A parenting approach that takes a sneak peek at real-life parenting moments and vulnerable questions from twenty families, that helps you discover ten Biblical traits that will make you a better person and a better parent, and enables you to begin to intentionally pass on key traits to your kids.

Parenting: K-5th grade
Led by Sarah Evans
Offered once:  Tuesdays in July at West Allis
Everybody needs the essentials!  Be Prepared presents practical plans for dealing with dangers, including Internet porn, alcohol, drugs, eating disorders, and premarital sex.  You’ll see how to resist the impulse to overprotect your child-and gain insights to help you prepare him or her for the world of today and tomorrow.

Parenting: Tweens and Teens
Led by Frank Gil
Offered once:  Tuesdays in June at West Allis
Teens are going through a lot physically, emotionally, and spiritually. These are the years where they transition from seeing you (the parent) as their hero, to wanting to develop their own identity. These years can be some of the most amazing years of raising your children or some of the most difficult. We won’t have all the answers. No one will. But we will discuss the mind of a teenager, how puberty is changing their mind, discuss the challenges they face, and how you can point them Jesus.

Reading the Bible Better
Led by Ryan Boyer
Offered twice:  Tuesdays in June at East Side | Tuesdays in July at West Allis
We’re told that we should read the Bible, but what if you’re not getting anything out of it? What if you don’t know what you’re reading? Join us for this four week class that is designed to help your Bible reading wherever you are by giving you practical tools and strategies to get more out of  your devotional reading as well as helping you to begin doing more in-depth studying.

Recreational Activities
Different off-site activities will be held each month at each location. Details to be announced.

Spiritual Disciplines
Led by Ryan Boyer
Offered once:  Tuesdays in August at East Side
Living as Christ’s disciples is full of challenges— distractions, struggles, and temptations. How can we remain steadfast? Come and learn about how we can develop practices in our lives to keep our heads, hearts, and hands attuned to the Lord. We will discuss how to develop a regular devotional life, strategies for improving your prayer life, Scripture meditation and memorization, and much more.

Train to Lead: Learning to Lead a Small Group
Led by Lisa Lusiak
Offered twice:  Tuesdays in June at West Allis |  Tuesdays in July at East Side
Small groups are a significant part of the life at epikos and our desire is to equip people to lead groups well. Have you ever wondered what it takes to lead a small group or whether you’ve got the skills needed to lead one? Come to this class to learn what is involved and get practical experience developing these skills. Anyone interested in becoming a small group leader is encouraged to attend.

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