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21 Days of Dangerous Prayers

Let’s begin the year in prayer! Starting January 7, we invite everyone to join us following a 21-day prayer devotional, asking God to stretch us, change us, and work in us and through us.

What are “Dangerous Prayers”?

The devotional booklet, 21 Dangerous Prayers by Gary Rohrmayer (mentioned below), says:

       “Dangerous Prayers! Can prayer be dangerous? Is prayer supposed to be dangerous? Any encounter with a Holy God can be dangerous—not in a life-threatening way, but in a way that can be life-altering and soul-shaping.

All too often we pray safe prayers: God bless me. God help me. God protect me. God heal me. God provide for me.

Dangerous prayers are risky and life-stretching. Dangerous prayers come out of a spirit of brokenness. Dangerous prayers are filled with boldness and daring faith.”

“Over the next 21 days we are going to explore the dangerous prayers that have been prayed by God’s people for thousands of years. We trust God will meet you in a dangerous and life-transforming manner. We pray that you will not be the same and that your family, neighborhood, work place, and church will be impacted because you personally have met with God.”


We encourage everyone to pray daily during this time. Starting each day in prayer is a good way to ensure that it happens. Use the 21 Dangerous Prayers booklet to guide and focus your prayers. It includes a brief reading for each day and space to answer questions and journal your prayers. Available in the following ways:


  1. I am unable to download the 21 days of prayer via the link provided and I don’t have Kindle. Can you please email me a pdf copy?
    I am very much interested in participating, but cannot access the material

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