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Kids Next Steps

HERO Central seeks to equip parents/guardians to become the primary spiritual leaders in their children’s lives by providing training and multiple at-home resources. We firmly believe that what happens at home throughout the week is far more important than what happens at church on Sunday when it comes to the spiritual lives of children!

One of the main ways we partner with you is by providing you and your child with a step by step plan that can help reinforce and guide your family in your faith journey.

Below is our HERO Central Pathway for families to knowing and following Jesus:

  • STEP 1: Parent/Child Dedication Course (birth to elementary)    

    •  DESCRIPTION: A three week course where parents learn the value of dedicating their child to the Lord. It is designed to help give parents the tools to live out their faith in their family and with the church, as well as develop a “target plan” for their child. Upon completion of these classes, children are dedicated during Sunday services. More info is in this FAQ.
    • OFFERED: Fall, Winter, Spring
  • STEP 2: We Believe (elementary)

    • DESCRIPTION: A 20-minute presentation where parents and kids learn what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus. It is designed to help parents and their children begin talking about faith, and it is also the first required step in our baptism process for kids in 3rd to 5th grade.
    • OFFERED: Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer
  • STEP 3: Baptism Class (elementary)

    •  DESCRIPTION: A 20-minute presentation where parents and kids who have made the decision to have a personal relationship with Jesus, and have taken our We Believe class will receive the information about baptism. It is designed to help children write their personal testimony and prepare for baptism. This class is for kids in 3rd to 5th grade, who have made a decision to have a personal relationship with Jesus and have taken the We Believe class.
    • WHEN: Prior to church baptism
  • Step 4: KIDS Discipleship 101 (elementary)

    • TBA
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