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West Allis Coffeeshop Update

I want to let you know that we will not be leasing space to Kindfolk Coffee at our West Allis location. We had entered into a verbal and written agreement with Kindfolk early in 2018, but last week we asked Kindfolk to allow us to step back from the agreement, and they graciously agreed.

So why did we make this decision?

Space Needs
Our West Allis Campus has been experiencing a season of growth. This growth creates a clear need for space on Sunday morning and throughout the week. The lobby is small and sometimes navigating through it to check children in, have a cup of coffee and enter the worship service can become difficult. The space formerly used by Coffeeworks functions as seating space, but it is utilized differently because it is a coffee shop, and that space would not be in our control on Sundays under a leasing situation. Frankly, we needed the space for church needs.

As Kindfolk planned to renovate the space, the renovation budget grew. There were questions about the church funding the renovations as the property owner, but we simply did not desire to invest more resources into the space at this time. Also, since the lease was very favorable for Kindfolk Coffee, the lease was essentially revenue neutral. So the budget impact became a deciding factor as well.

Ministry Approach
Ultimately we needed to decide how we could best accomplish our mission and ministry goals in that space. The dream has always been to see the space function as a “bridge to the community” and help people connect with epikos Church. The reality is that since the campus launched in 2012 there have been numerous opportunities to connect with our community and we have seen thousands of our neighbors join us for worship. We have simply outgrown the initial dream and need. We also are constantly seeking to simplify our ministries and commitments. This decision helps us keep things more simple here at epikos Church.

So for these reasons, we are moving forward without a dedicated coffee shop in our West Allis locations, but we will continue to utilize every square inch of facility God has given us to make “More and Better Disciples” at all three of our campuses.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Pastor Dave Tilma (dave@epikos.org) or Pastor Paul Stevens (paul@epikos.org).


  1. Will that area still be open Sunday mornings for conversing with other members and enjoy a cup of coffee.

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