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Lead Pastor Transition: What’s Next?

Greetings, epikos!

Our new season has begun. This past weekend our founder, Danny Parmelee, preached his final sermon as Lead Pastor of epikos Church. If you were unable to attend, I would encourage you to click on this link and take a listen to his charge to us.

We are so excited for Danny, his wife Emili, and their children, as they head off to Nashville, Tennessee to lead a church planting effort across seven states. As the Parmelees have transferred from being on staff at epikos to being a missionary sent by epikos, we are now prayer supporters of them and their continued work for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The obvious question at this point is, “What’s next?” When it comes to who we are as epikos, we are going to continue to do four things: 1) Preach the Word of God and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ; 2) Affirm the transformational power of the gospel; 3) Live authentically in light of the gospel; and 4) Passionately reach out to the lost. These four things have been consistent throughout our thirteen year history, and we remain committed to them moving forward.

To help us do that well, we want to hear from you! In the next few days, you’ll be invited to fill out an online questionnaire which will help us understand the pulse of epikos. Your participation in this step is very important for the Overseers and staff, as it will help us move into the crucial step of defining the expectations of our next Lead Pastor.

Since October, when Danny began to tell the staff and Overseers about God’s moving in his life, we have been deep in prayer and planning. Part of that planning has included us partnering with MultiSite Solutions, a group of people passionate about the church and passionate about keeping churches healthy. They visited Milwaukee a handful of times to observe, learn, and listen. From the information they gathered, they have been helping us put together a questionnaire that will inform the Overseers and staff where we, collectively as epikos, believe our church is at in reference to mission, priorities, and vision for the future. There will also be questions directly related to the unique gifts and abilities we would like to see in the next Lead Pastor of epikos Church, because our goal is to find the right person that God has for this role, not just fill a position.

Throughout this season, I’m sure that you will have questions about process and timeline. In many  churches, a transition of this kind can take several months. To keep you informed, we will be providing monthly updates via our blog and e-newsletter, on the first Tuesday of every month. Also, Gregg Bolt (the Chair of the Overseers), your Campus Pastor, and I are always available to have a conversation. I would also encourage you to check out our FAQ sheet here.

God has been faithful. God is faithful. God will always be faithful. Let’s walk side-by-side with him as he leads the way.


    • Hey Christine. Thanks for reading the post! Pastor Paul, along with our other Campus Pastors (Dave and Kurt), have been a part of the process as we have decided to take these steps before considering potential candidates. We will absolutely honor their wishes and desires in this process. We are thankful to have such a strong team at epikos!

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