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Comedy with Impact

Hi.  I’m Whit Shiller – a member here at epikos, small group leader, husband of one, and father of four.  I like Thai food and can juggle a little bit.  I’m also part of Fish Sticks Comedy and Comedy With Impact.  Comedy With Impact was founded to produce community-oriented events that use comedy to bring people together and raise funds and awareness for important charitable causes in strategic locations.

This coming Sunday, as part 2 of the “Love” sermon series will focus on “Who is our neighbor and how do we love them?”  I don’t have the advance cliff notes or anything like that, but I do know that in order to love your neighbor you have to be intentional. Otherwise, it’s so easy to go through a day and not have a single moment where you’ve really impacted someone in any meaningful way.

 You may know that we’ve got a comedy event — Comedy With Impact –

Click For Tickets and Details
Click For Tickets and Details

coming to epikos on Saturday, February 27th at 7pm at the West Allis location. It’s going to be a super fun time but we don’t want you to miss why we’re doing it and why it’s a small but easy opportunity to take a step forward in loving your neighbor.  The entire CWI experience is motivated by two things:  (1) our command to love our neighbor – in this particular case veterans, military members and their families; and (2) the impact that loving our neighbor has on the world outside the church.   To put it another way, we want CWI to be a launch point for epikos to love others not just individually but as a body of believers in a particular context.  We’ll also have post-show service opportunities that you and your friends, families, small group, etc. can plug into to minister directly to our veterans and military community.

One other aspect to this event that we don’t want you to miss.  Frankly, there might not be an easier invitation to bring someone to church – club level comedy (our stand-up comic, Isaac Witty, has been on Letterman and Conan, and our improv comedians all played professionally at ComedySportz for years) that works for all ages for a cause that people inside and outside the church can enjoy.    We make sure not to put on a “church-y” show and keep them free of the “cringe” moments that can happen at other “outreach” events you might bring a non-church person to.  By bringing someone, it opens up the opportunity to invite them back on Sunday.    Plus, it’ll be clear that we’re hosting the event because we at epikos want to make a difference outside our walls, in our streets and even around the world.

You’ll find the links for tickets below, and you can get the group rate by using the discount code “epikos” when you purchase online.  Thanks to corporate sponsors, 100% of all ticket sales will go to two charities: USO Wisconsin and Camp Hometown Heroes.  They both are doing amazing work, which you’ll get to hear about that night.  Also, we want to bless veterans and military families with a free night out – and have some tickets available for that purpose due to the generosity of people who have purchased tickets to give away.  So if you want to bless a veteran or someone serving now with a free night out, but finances would be a limiter for you, please stop by after either service at West Allis on the 21st at the table we’ll be selling tickets at or drop me an e-mail (whit@fishstickscomedy.com) and we’ll set aside a ticket for that veteran or service member you want to bring along with you.

I think you’ll be amazed at the community feel of our upcoming Comedy With Impact event.  So would you join us as we seek to Laugh, and Do Good?  And feel free to bring along your neighbors.  We’d love to meet them.

More info at:  comedy.epikos.org

Direct link to ticket site:          https://event.attendstar.com/event/show/comedy-with-impact_6215

E-mail questions:  info@comedywithimpact.com


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