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Exploding Pumpkins For Students

Who would have thought that our silly video meant to be a sermon illustration would be viewed by thousands – and even get picked up by a national TV show!

Along with being serious about God’s Word and the good news of the Gospel, we make laughter and fun a part of every event in the student ministry. So a youth pastor friend and I did a little experiment to see how many rubber bands it would take to make a pumpkin explode. The results were great! Mainly because I freaked out and screamed when it actually popped. Never thought I’d actually be scared by a pumpkin!

The cool thing is we were able to share this with other youth pastors as a way to do a sermon illustration for students to discuss the pressures of life. Then somehow our fun little YouTube video got picked up by a TV show that shared it nationally! How awesome is that!?

(the video starts after the commercial)

We are excited about what is going on in the Student Ministry at epikos! If you want more information about our student ministry or want to get involved go to StudentsWest.epikos.org or email Pastor Frank at frank@epikos.org

Watch the original video here.


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