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West Allis Update

I love living in West Allis.  You could say that I am ‘Stallis Proud!  Each week I am filled with amazement as I see over a thousand of my neighbors and friends flock to epikos church | West Allis, filling the old Paradise Theater to capacity!

As more and more families call epikos church | West Allis home, and as our congregation continues to grow, so does our staff.  Many of those who now call epikos church home are families with children and teens.  Accordingly, we’ve continued to add to our church staff in order to best partner with families and their kids.  If you take a walk through our children’s ministry floor on a Sunday you’ll notice two new staff members in HERO Central.  Jill Wessel has recently started working at epikos as our West Allis Children’s Ministry Coordinator, and Tina Johnson is also new to her position as the West Allis Elementary Coordinator. Both women have backgrounds in education and are already making a huge impact at HERO Central.

As the father of both a middle schooler and a high schooler, I am VERY excited to see who God has as the new Youth Pastor of epikos church | West Allis.  We’ve conducted several interviews and we feel we are very close to finding the right person for the job. We look forward to making a formal announcement soon!

At epikos church | West Allis we are committed to making more and better disciples — of all ages.  It has been such an honor to be a part of so many lives over the past few years and to watch as God has impacted the lives of so many.   I can’t wait to see what God has in store for West Allis in the coming years!

— Paul Stevens, West Allis Pastor


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  1. Hi Paul,
    I just read your update and the fact that you’re looking for a Youth Pastor. Glad to see you have a need for that. I’m sure God knows your needs and will provide accordingly.

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