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The two biggest questions I get from people about the epikos | North Side launch are “Do we have a location yet?” and “Did we hire a campus pastor yet?” So here is a quick update on those.

Campus Pastor:  We’ve been working diligently on hiring a North Side Campus Pastor and I’m excited to announce that we have our pastor!  Click here to Meet Kurt.

Location:  When we say that we are looking to launch an epikos site on the North Side we have a very broad area that we looking within. The boundaries of our search are West of 43, South of Brown Deer Rd, North of North Ave and in the City of Milwaukee.  We are looking at rental and purchase options trusting that God will lead us to the right place. I’ve had my eye on the abandoned Lowes for some time now. I think it would be an excellent facility and location. It’s been abandoned since 2009 and I could see it being used not only for our worship space but other uses to bless the surrounding community. The issue is that it’s for sale for $4.5 Million! That’s a smidge more than what’s in the church checking account. So you’re welcome to pray with me for a miracle, or if you know someone who would want to hear the vision I have for that northside frame mapplace, connect me up. At the same time, there is a good possibility that we will not purchase a building right away, but rent. Before pursing rental options, we feel that it’s important to have the North Side Campus Pastor hired so that he can play the key role in praying through possible locations and buildings. All this to say that God knows where epikos North Side will end up and we continue to seek Him in this Process.

We’ll continue to update on the North Side on a regular basis, so be sure to check back.

– Pastor Danny Parmelee, Lead Pastor


  1. Nice to hear about your North Side progress. Epikos seems to be growing so fast, adding Pastors etc. I feel I’m slipping way behind and will try not to usurp(?) your time with frequent e-mails.

  2. Have you looked into the old Hoffer’s Pet Store on 76th and Good Hope? That has been for sale for a while and might be a great location. There are built in ponds for baptisms too!

  3. I would just like to say that I enjoyed attending your Eastside location today for the first time. I’ve also attended your West Allis location once. When I visited your website before I was excited to hear about the north side location coming soon, since I live on that side of town and now seeing that you are looking very close to my neighborhood, I live less than a mile from Lowes, great location with adequate parking.

    I was also glad to hear Pastor Kurt Owens for the first time today and now that I have heard him I kind of know what to expect. I have been looking for a church home for over a year now and with much prayer, I hope to find one soon.

    I will keep you all in prayer on finding the right rental or purchase to buy a building according to the Lord’s will.

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