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EAST SIDE UPDATE: Making Room for Relationships

If you ask someone if relationships are important, they will probably say yes. But making relationships a priority is something that requires intentionality, clear choices and effort. Being part of a church means being part of a larger network of relationships. Here are some ways to expand that network and make meaningful connections.

  1. Small Groups – Since this is so key at epikos we are going to simply refer you to our sermon from Sunday, August 9, 2015, available at our website’s media player or podcasted in iTunes:
  1. Come Early and Stay Late – One of the easiest ways to see your relationships at epikos grow is to come 10 minutes early to the service of your choice and stay 10-15 minutes after the service. We are making some changes to the facility flow and set up to make sure there is plenty of room to gather, meet new people and catch up with old friends. You’ll begin to see some changes in how we serve coffee, the furniture in the cafe and expanded space for food gatherings downstairs.
  1. Make a point of meeting someone new each week – Some of us love meeting new people; some of us would rather talk with just a few close friends. Either way, it is important to go out of our way to meet someone new each week. And don’t just meet them, introduce them to your group of friends or someone you were just talking to. And take a minute to meet their friends or family. Our networks grow slowly as we are intentional about meeting others.
  1. Join a Team – Joining a ministry team is THE best way to get connected quickly and feel like you’re a part of things. There are low, medium and high commitment roles for any number of different personality styles. If you’re not currently on a team, take a minute to go to http://serve.epikos.org and fill out the brief questionnaire. Let us know your interest areas and someone will be in touch. Serving once a month as an usher, greeter or coffee preparer is an easy first step to being in the game rather than just watching. I promise you, you’ll get to know people at a faster pace.
  1. Drink Coffee – I love coffee and simply pouring a cup and spending a few minutes in the cafe before or after services is a great way to make sure you’re awake and ready for a great conversation with a new friend. If coffee isn’t your thing, we have hot tea, lemonade and water as well.
  1. Reach out on social media – When you meet someone new at epikos on Sunday, take a minute to reach out on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or your network of choice. Many folks from epikos can be found on Facebook. If we haven’t connected online yet, I’d love to connect on Facebook or on Twitter @davetilma — just let me know you’re from epikos.

As a final thought, in my first few weeks at epikos I have felt welcomed and befriended. Thank you for the warm welcome and let’s continue to make epikos the kind of community that always welcomes new people. Let’s grow big and stay small!

– Dave Tilma, East Side Pastor



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