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Annual Men’s Camping Trip: August 7 & 8


Since epikos launched in 2005, we’ve had an annual tradition of a men’s summer camping trip.  We’ve taken a couple years off, but it’s time to bring this tradition back!  Friday August 7th & Saturday August 8th at Sandhill Station Campground in Lake Mills.  It’ll be a chance for the men of epikos to escape the city and spend some time together.  While there will be some optional activities provided, there is no “agenda” other than to fellowship and get to know one another.  We’ll be hanging out around the campfire, tossing around football and frisbee, and of course grilling up food.  You can arrive anytime Friday after 3pm.  Feel free to come after work! We can help to coordinate carpool rides and equipment. It’s a chance to meet new people and mix it up with those from East Side and West Allis campuses.  Also feel free to invite friends. This is open to all whether you go to epikos or not.


Your registration fee covers the camp site fee and food (Dinner Friday night, Breakfast and Lunch on Saturday).  Please Click HERE to register.  If you have any questions please email camp@epikos.org.



    • Please bring gear (tents, tarps, cots, pads, sleeping bags, cooking stuff, etc.) if you’ve got it, and if you’ve got extra gear that you’re willing to share, please bring that too. Experience has shown that people always have enough extra gear to accommodate those that need gear. This will also be coordinated through the registration process.

    • Please indicate your desire to carpool on the registration questionnaire and we will do our best to accommodate everyone’s transportation requirements!

  1. Is there camping gear provided because I don’t have a sleeping bag. I could bye one and have it by that date no women are to come right. Also can I pay my fee to Pastor Paul next Sunday at the 10:30 service please respond to this thank you God bless

    • I asked a similar question and Tim answered it above. Try to bring gear if you can or if you have it. Also. you can register online by clicking the link above the comments section. I don’t believe cash or check are options for payment so giving the money to Pastor might not be a good idea.

  2. As mentioned, try to bring gear if you can. The registration form asks if you have or need equipment – we will try to match up availability with requirements so that everyone is covered. This event is for men only. At this point the only payment method is through the registration form link above, but please email camp@epikos.org for further discussion on this.

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