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What is Discipleship and Why Does it Happen at Night?

“Discipleship Nights.” That is what we call our midweek event that takes place during the summer. But maybe you’re asking, “What is discipleship?” Let me explain this in simplest terms…

A disciple is someone who has experienced the goodness of a relationship with Jesus… someone, like the woman at the well who has been released from sin and shame (Jn 4). Or like the blind man who could finally see (Jn 9). A disciple is one who has tasted the abundant life Christ came to bring us. Discipleship, then, is like a boat— a ship— for a disciple to use for his journey towards Jesus. A disciple’s ship is how you get to that abundant life. Discipleship is the process of growing as a disciple.

Discipleship Nights are offered to help you on your journey as a disciple. This year, our classes are for people at different places on their journey. Here’s some details:

Baptism Preparation Class — Baptism is publically declaring your faith in Christ. The class will explain why baptism is important and help you communicate your faith to others.

Christianity 101 — Don’t let the name fool you. We start with the basics of Christianity and give you a deep understanding to learn the what and why behind our faith.

Sticky Parenting — If you’re a parent, this class will help teach you how to pass your faith onto your children.

Covenant Membership —What is epikos’ mission? How can you be a part of it? How can we help you on your discipleship path? Come to the class and find out.

Discipleship Nights – Tuesdays, starting June 16

7:00-8:30pm – epikos church | West Allis

Register and learn more here. Childcare provided for registrants.


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