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Hiring North Side Campus Pastor

For over two years epikos church has been praying, seeking God, learning, and humbly moving toward launching an epikos campus on Milwaukee’s North Side. Throughout the process, we have seen God increase the racial diversity of our congregation and teach us the value of being a multi-ethnic/multi-racial church. We are patiently, yet diligently, taking steps of faith every day –– including visiting neighborhoods and potential campus locations. We are also building relationships with individuals and churches on Milwaukee’s North Side. We see how God is moving in our city, and we are excited for epikos to support and foster His work!

Critical to the success of a epikos | North Side  will be the leadership of the Campus Pastor. We are praying for a Campus Pastor with dynamic leadership skills to engage a group with a unified vision to make more and better disciples. He will be responsible for identifying, recruiting, and developing leaders. He will shepherd, oversee, and empower leaders to carry out the ministry of the church.

He will also be a preaching pastor, preaching regularly at all three epikos campuses as part of the preaching team. We desire a diverse preaching team that reflects the diversity of our congregation.

If you know anyone that fits this description, especially someone already familiar with the North Side, please encourage him to send his resume or questions to info@epikos.org. We are reviewing resumes through June 5th and then starting the official application and interview process following that.



  1. I recommend Robert, because he leads by definition of leadership. He puts his own face on everyone else’s need. He a very loving, sharing and caring person that nurtures seamlessly. He has recently been ordained as an Elder in ministry which impacts multicultural families. I believe he will be the fresh mind the North Side of Milwaukee has been longing for. Please consider him.

    Thank you in advance,

    Aspiring Missionary Trini Waddell
    (414) 213-5671

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