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Fervent Prayer

This weekend’s sermon was on James 5:13-18 and explored fervent prayer. If you missed the sermon, it will be available here. As followers of Christ, we all know we’re supposed to pray. But, I’ve found that even in my walk with Christ that my prayer doesn’t always reflect the type of prayer described by James. In the sermon, I challenged and invited us all to take a step towards fervent prayer, trusting God to move powerfully through the prayers of His people.

I encourage you to discuss below. Feel free to share what God has been teaching you during this challenge. Feel free to share what you are praying for so as a community we can pray for one another. And of course, share as God moves powerfully through any of your fervent prayer.


  1. Hi Danny… I loved your sermon this past week and I am very much enjoying the study of James.

    My prayer that I will pray fervently for is two:

    Healing of a relationship. Closure and a miracle healing. I have so many doubts that there will healing on both parties. One is still angry. The other hurting. I have seen God perform miracles in my life before this, but I guess I still wonder (as you talked about in your sermon…) if He has a limited supply of miracles!!!

    My second fervent prayer is that God find a way for me to make enough money to survive and THRIVE … AND be home for my child in his grade school years. I am currently not working and would love to see my business thrive. It affords me the time at home and pay bills and save money to have this business.

    Again, I will pray fervently and hope that God works miracles in my life again.

    I hope this is what you were talking about in your sermon. (I’m the first to comment… which is always a little risky). And I’m not even sure if I am recording my fervent prayer in the right area of the website! 🙂

    Thanks again Danny!

    • Hi Andrea!

      Praying for healing and that Gods hand will be in the midst of your business and would cause it to thrive!

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