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Hip Hop in the church?

This weekend at some of our services we featured a hip hop song “When Judgment Strikes” (click here to download) written by a few gentlemen that are part of our new hip hop ministry called The Bridge. The song is based around Amos 2 where the prophet Amos speaks God’s judgment to Judah and to the Israelites (God’s chosen people). The Israelites’ rejection of God’s law and their outright disobedience has gone too far. Therefore through Amos, the Lord proclaims the punishment that He will bring on the “Day of the Lord.” The rap depicts a dialog between Amos and the Israelites.

Some of you might be asking, why hip hop? Music in general, and especially particular genres of music lend themselves to storytelling. Hip hop is unique in that it is an amazing medium to tell stories—how many other genres of music allow so many WPM (words per minute, only musicians will get that joke) 😉 ?! We believe that The Bridge will allow us to “bridge” our epikos church family and the surrounding community to Christ by sharing the message of hope found in Jesus alone. The message of the cross goes beyond musical genres and styles and this is another way to share that hope to the world!

Take a listen to a studio version of the track below as well as dive into the lyrics. We hope you like it!

When Judgment Strikes

Written by Kuran McQueen, Doug Wells, and T-Angelo Mooney. ©2014

Verse 1 (Israel’s Perspective):

I’ve devoted my whole life to loving and serving swerving from sin,
shifting gears because I’m chosen for him to bring his name glory!

I got a pride and an ego that’s over bearing,
but this burden bearer bearing a message and ain’t no way I’m listening!

How dare he prophesy Yahweh’s about to judge us,
I want the “Day of The Lord” so He can boast of my righteousness.

Man, look at me! I know you see my prosperity,
in everything that I touch, God is definitely in love with me!

He told me so! Hear my hallelujah & thank you Jesus,
usher will you please escort me to where the saints are seated.

Yep, I’m just tryna enjoy my freedom,
your problem is with my God cause he choose us instead of you people.

Whatever “prophet”, I’m walking in the ways of my patriarchs,
say my people ain’t righteous, I’ll lawfully hit you with this rock!

My name, possessions, and title couldn’t be idols,
God gave and I deserve it ! I’m blessed because what I be doing for him!


Verse 2 (Amos’ Perspective):

I’m not the typical prophet I’m just your average,
working class believer who’s eager to keep the Sabbath.

The Lord gave me this message to reach and teach your calloused,
heart so you can see the transgressions that you’ve established.

You say your righteousness is why you prosper, huh, it’s false piety,
when selfism and greed’s the cornerstone of your society.

Yes, you’ve been blessed beyond measure, but still you try to keep,
it all when scriptures teaching a blessing’s what you should try to be.

Hypocrisy’s cemented in twisted philosophy,

monetary idolatry’s what fuels this democracy,

God’s intention is to shatter false doctrines and ideology,

the Day of the Lord means wrath so what you’ve asked for you’ll surely see,

but this isn’t the vision Yeshua has given,

forgiveness is offered to those who fit the description,

true repentance is required for your sin’s remission,

It’s your decision, continue how your living or join the mission.



  1. Thanks SO much for being diverse in delivering God’s Word; rather than following the status quo. I truly believe God wants us to get out of cookie cutter Christianity & be unique, one-of-a-kind people; each of us following His lead & being who He made us to be. We’ve only been coming to Epikos for a month now; but it’s offerings like this that are leading us to believe we’ve finally found a place to worship that “feels right”! And thanks to the young men who shared their talents!!!

  2. Sorry a little late with my response, but I LOVE this new approach.I am 64 y.o. and we can find many ways to praise the Lord.Thanks .

  3. Hello I am just reaching out to ask that you would research the truth about hip hop….it is a religion, and not one that seeks the Will of God. Not sure how I came across this but ironically I use to work with Emili. She will testify I am not someone looking to argue or cause issues. I was reading your information and came across the whole hip hop discussion. I feel it is imperative that you seek the truth on this topic. If you like I can put you in contact with my pastor or one of our ministers that could share this information with you.
    Keep doing the work of the Lord and be blessed.
    Darlene Washington

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