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Why epikos did Reality TV

ittakesachurchThose who came to the 5:30p Eastside service on February 23rd got quite a surprise. Grammy nominee and Dove Award winner Natalie Grant ended the worship service with a special song, and the service was taped as part of a new national reality TV show called “It Takes A Church”, airing on GSN. The show is about dating in the context of church. Much different than “The Bachelor” or “Singled Out”, it highlights how faith in Christ and involvement in the church are key elements to finding a spouse. Some of you are saying, “Wow, that’s awesome!”, and others of you may be asking, “Why would epikos participate in such a thing. Seems kind of weird?” As Overseers, we really wrestled with whether we should do it when the opportunity was presented. We realized there were some risks involved with this. We thought of all the things that could go right and wrong, and how it might be perceived. After weighing things out, we decided to see how God might use this. Our main reason for taking the risk was to leverage the opportunity to encourage healthy dating in the church. We’re going to leverage this event to host our own marriage conference in March 2015! We believe strong marriages (which can start with godly dating) create a strong foundation for the church. It’s our hope that as this is played across TV stations in the Milwaukee Metro area, people will get a glimpse into what God is doing at epikos and the people that make up our great church. We hope that something may spark in them to give church a try. We admit, this is a bit bizarre, but would you pray right now that God would use this for His Glory!


  1. It was a fun night. I will be praying. I think this will show that God is doing a lot through Epikos church and also that Christians can have fun and still bring Glory to God.

  2. Is anyone taping this episode? I don’t have cable and I work on Thursday nights. I’m also interested in watching all the other episodes in this series.

  3. Hi I am watching the show and LOVE the idea!!!!! How refreshing. To see belivers in our Lord Jesus Christ seeking a relationship without the smutty stuff tht usually goes along with dating shows…is so fun! Great idea. Creative….you can hold your head high and know tht you made a wise choice and reflected a positive light on your church and most importantly on our Savior. 🙂

  4. Hi! I just watched this on TV and I wanted to say that I think you guys made the right choice. I think overall, this show is a great representation of what churches and christians are really like. We’re not perfect, we’ve made (and are making) mistakes, but we also are following God. We are working to be loving supports for each other and to reach out to those around us. I think your congregation is a wonderful example of that and I truly believe that God will use this show to touch people. All my best to your church family, Brandy

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