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Small Groups Report Card

iStock_000008840929SmallSmall groups have just ended for the season and what an exciting season it was. This is always a great time to review the year and even grade ourselves on how we did. Here are a few highlights from this small group year:

  • About half of the church (725) were in a small group.
  • We had 75 groups meeting from Whitefish Bay to Racine to Waukesha to New Berlin.
  • The Acts Study Guide helped many people get into God’s Word each day.
  • Many people experienced life-changing transformation as result of their small group.

It is so encouraging to hear how God continues to use small groups to effectively bring about growth and transformation to people’s lives and to our church. So where do we go from here? What have we learned from this year? How will we improve?

This fall, we’re praying (and would ask you to pray with us) that God would continue using small groups in the life of epikos church. Here are some specific ways you can be praying for us as we prepare for the Fall Kickoff (September 7):

  • Pray that God would provide leaders for 125 small groups
  • Pray that the number of people in small groups would exceed 1000 people
  • Pray that God would use our series through Amos and James in mighty ways.
  • Pray that small groups will help epikos church continue to “grow big and stay small.”

You may be asking, “Why the focus on the numbers?” The reality is that numbers are a tool to help us know if something is working. God has brought a great number of people to this church and we want to see them get plugged in. Our mission is to “make more and better disciples.” Small groups are a great way to help to make this happen. We want people getting into the Bible, building a prayerful community around themselves and experiencing the transformative power of God in their daily lives. In our minds, if that is happening, then we’re making the grade.

A huge THANK YOU to all that served as small group leaders this year, as well as the hosts and apprentices. God is using you in mighty ways!

If you’d like to learn more about what it means to lead a small group at epikos, email smallgroups@epikos.org.


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