About Groups

If you’ve been around epikos for any amount of time you, you’ve probably heard at least someone say that our mission at epikos church is to “make more and better disciples.” A disciple is one who has accepted the grace and forgiveness of Jesus Christ and committed their life to Him. Discipleship is the lifelong process of being transformed and conformed into the likeness of Christ. We see discipleship happen best in the context of relationships. Small Groups, Mid-Sized Groups, and Large Groups are all designed to help you grow in your faith.

Small Groups meet weekly September through May, usually consisting of 8-12 people who get together to hang out, pray together and discuss questions based on Sunday's sermon text. Small groups meet throughout the city of Milwaukee on various nights of the week. Small groups are crucial for experiencing dynamic Christian community.

Mid-Sized Groups usually consist of 15-50 people and resemble more of a “classroom” style of teaching. Mid-sized groups are usually based around a certain topic such as basic Christian beliefs, biblical finances, marriage, or other Christian topics. Most last up to five weeks.

Large Groups are primarily our weekend worship gathering. We gather together to worship God and hear from His Word. We would also consider outreaches, community service, and large church events as Large Groups.

Frequently Asked Questions About Small Groups

Where do Small Groups meet? How long?

Most small groups meet in someone’s home with a few that meet at a public place. Groups last 90 minutes and tend to meet in the evenings during the week.

Do I have to go to small group every week?

While it’s not “required” to attend small group weekly, it is highly encouraged. The Sunday worship service and the weekly small group meetings are designed to complement each other; the spiritual and personal benefits of each are multiplied by consistent participation in both.

How many people are in Small Groups typically?

We like to keep the groups to 8-12 people. This is large enough so that there is good group dynamic and small enough to keep it a genuine place to ask questions and develop genuine community.

What do you do at a Small Group?

There are three main things that happen at small group: hang out together, pray together and discuss questions based on Sunday's sermon text. First, it’s a time to connect with others & hear how each other’s week and life is going. Second, groups take time share and pray through one another's needs. Third, groups go through questions based on the previous Sunday's sermon text. The questions are designed to generate discussion, application and hopefully transformation. Our sermons typically go through books of the Bible, so that it’s easy to jump in at anytime. You won't be pressured to participate, but we do hope that over time you will participate more and more.

Is there homework?

Not really. However, your attendance at weekly worship and small group should inspire you to investigate God’s Word and reflect upon your life. It may also motivate you to study deeper into the things being discussed. By the time you get to small group, you will most likely have things that you will want to share with the group. Like the ole’ saying goes, "what you put in is what you will get out!" If you missed that Sunday’s sermon, you can always download it .

What types of small groups are there?

We offer groups for couples, men, women, moms and high school students. While the majority of people in our couples groups are married couples, some of these groups are quite diverse. If you are unsure about what type of group to join, email for some input.

What if I’m a new to the whole church thing?

A small group will help you and answer your questions no matter where you are on your spiritual journey. We also offer a class for newer believers called . This is another great option to start off before joining a small group. Don’t be scared though, none of us have everything figured out and we can all learn from each other.

Do you meet during the summer?

The small group "season" formally goes from September through May. Groups tend to meet less frequently during the summer due to the craziness of schedules. As a church we like to have small groups use this time to be in the community. This is a chance for your group to do activities outside that are fun and also engage with others. It also provides a time of rest for small group leaders. We also have twice-monthly during the summer months.

How and When do I Join a Small Group?

The easiest way to join a small group is to go to our page. There you will see all the groups listed by day, type and location. If you groups having openings, you will see a "register" button. You'll be asked for your name, email address and phone number. The leader will then follow up with you. You can also ask people you’ve met about the small group they are in. You can jump into a small group at anytime! What are you waiting for? Joining a small group can be an awesome experience!

So why should I consider joining one?

Small groups are a vital part of the vision of Epikos. We greatly value gathering together on the weekends for musical worship, teaching from God’s Word, and fellowship, but we also greatly value growing together in our faith through a smaller midweek gathering. We were created by God to have fellowship with one another and small groups create an environment where this is possible. People are given the opportunity to go deeper with each other and deeper in their walk with Christ. Being connected in authentic relationships allows us to accomplish Christ’s mission better. Small groups provide a safe place where people can be real with one another and share life together a place where you can ask questions, learn from the Bible, pray, and be prayed for.

If you still have questions or need to find out which groups are right for you contact .